70 Old Kingston Road
Scarborough, Ontario

Welcome to Rouge Valley Church

Covid-19 has caused fear and anxiety all around us. We know that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of peace and love. We know that God is in control, not in a careless way, but in a way full of wisdom and strength, and most of all filled with compassion to those around us who are more vulnerable.

Rouge Valley Church Services has been postponed until further notice.  We do have an online service available to you through our Zoom Chat Page.  Please call us for more details or email us at: admin@rougevalleychurch.org

 “…for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Isaiah 56:7

Do you want to see what God can do to the mess that is your life, continually and undeniably?

Do you want to be in a place where people are refreshingly real and unashamedly transparent?

Rouge Valley Church is a group of ordinary people wanting to meet an extraordinary God. To actually experience The God of the Bible in Toronto in your own personal life.

This season we are refocusing our vision to turn our church in a house where prayer is the key factor in moving this place.  Rouge Valley Church is a house of prayer and we want all to come and experience this.

*Join us for Sunday Worship at 2pm.  

** Join us for Wednesday night prayer service starting 6:30pm (quiet meditation); 7:00pm (Prayer Service). Come and spend some quiet time in prayer and reflection; be encouraged with sharing and discussion as well.