70 Old Kingston Road
Scarborough, Ontario

God started a peculiar thing at Rouge Valley Church. Fourteen years ago, Miles and Lori Valley were lead to Scarborough from downtown Toronto. Miles was gifted in his preaching of the Bible and Lori, his wife had a desire to help women. Gradually, the pieces started to take shape. The church needed to be built on the unwavering acceptance of the Bible. With the combination of relying on the power of God’s Word and Mile’s transparency, Rouge Valley turned the corner by finally understanding that we are saved by absolutely God’s grace alone. Next came the understanding for The Holy Spirit, the joy of praying and the necessity of a holy surrender to God.

Rouge Valley Church is like cold water to a weary soul (Proverbs 25:25). A place where God has brought down the fences between different age groups, personality types, genders and nationalities.Where God shows up powerfully, literally changing the course of people’s lives. A place where people are transparent, real and honest. Where you will not be judged, pressured or belittled. Where there are plentiful of mistakes but grace galore. Where you can be yourself because we are all damaged, messed up, bewildered and trying to survive and make sense of the situations that we are in. All the elders and Sunday School leaders fit God’s job description: to be a willing servant so God can use the weak and teachable. The qualifications for serving was clear in this aspect-that God would be doing it to the reverse of the way the world does things (1 Corinthians 1:27). Recently, a homegrown member became an assistant pastor. Derek, who emphasized expository preaching and teaching joined (in faith) the servant leadership team at Rouge Valley. Rouge Valley is a place of all kinds of life stories-severe depression, financial bankruptcy, damaged relationships, sexual hurts, wasted lives, divorce…… but it is also filled with triumphant redemption, refreshing freedom and long sought after healing.It is all about God and He does it all. Rouge Valley Church is God’s church. We desire to have genuine relationship with Jesus and with each other. If you are so far from being perfect and have messed up a lot in your life……this place is for you. You would fit in perfectly with us
imperfect misfits!

Sunday Service: 2 PM – 4 PM
Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesday starting at 6 PM