70 Old Kingston Road
Scarborough, Ontario

Covid Health & Safety Protocols

Due to the nature of the Covid-19 Virus we here at Rouge Valley Church have implemented the following health and safety protocols:

1)  Masks are mandatory at all times.  We ask that everyone in attendance to wear a mask when entering the church, sitting during service, and whenever they move around to use the facilities.  We are renting out Melville Church who serve a more senior congregation and we wish to humbly respect and care for them.  So please, wear a mask.  If you do not have a mask then one will be given to you.

2)  If you are new to the church then you will be ask to fill out your information on our contact tracing list in the case there is an outbreak and we need to contact you.

3)  Due to the nature of the virus we will be limiting our time of worship to just online videos.  While there will be a day when we return to live singing we will be blessed by the many resources that God has given to us.

4)  We ask that you follow the markings of where you can and cannot sit in the service room.  It is a small chapel and we can and will follow, to the best that we can, all forms of safe social distancing.

5)  Please respect the room limit capacity that are marked out with signs outside every room.

6)  If you exhibit any of the signs and/or symptoms of the Covid Virus then please stay at home, recover, and then join us.  All are welcome to Rouge Valley Church, both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike; however please respect our health and safety protocols as we want to address and minister to everyone’s needs and concerns with both humility and love.