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Sermons by Jacob Birch

Sunday Service – January 16. 2022

Just before Christmas 2021 the Parliament of Canada unanimously agreed that what the Bible teaches about sexuality is a “myth”. No I am not joking or being hyperbolic. Sorry if you missed it, what with all the COVID crankiness and holiday craziness going on. Here’s the actual preamble to Bill C-4. “Whereas conversion therapy causes […]

Sunday Service – January 2, 2022

Thanks to 2022 lots of things are changing at work, school, home and yes at RVC. What doesn’t change? Who or what can be relied on in the coming year? Got a friend or family member who is adrift and looking to rebuild their life? This Sunday is the start of a sermon series entitled […]

December 26, 2021: Fleeing, Family, Sojourning Savior

Pastor Jacob Birch gives us the message for today. Most families in Canada today come here from somewhere else. My 4 greats-grandfather Simon Girty came here in 1782 as a refugee on the run from the America Army for his actions during The Revolutionary War. Christmas pageants rightfully feature the shepherds, the angels, the inn… […]