70 Old Kingston Road
Scarborough, Ontario

December 26, 2021: Fleeing, Family, Sojourning Savior

Pastor Jacob Birch gives us the message for today. Most families in Canada today come here from somewhere else. My 4 greats-grandfather Simon Girty came here in 1782 as a refugee on the run from the America Army for his actions during The Revolutionary War. Christmas pageants rightfully feature the shepherds, the angels, the inn… essentially the beauties and miracles of the season. Matthew 2 recounts for us the darker side of our favourite season. With 84 million displaced people in the world today, how should our following a stateless Saviour affect our worship? our discipleship? our outreach? Join us 2pm Sundays in-person at 70 Old Kingston Road in Scarborough or on Zoom. Email rougevalleyalliancechurch@gmail.com for the Zoom link. Want more information about RVC? Visit www.rougevalleychurch.org Want to support RVC? Send your donation by e transfer to treasury@rougevalleychurch.org Stay up-to-date on all things RVC by receiving our weekly newsletter here: https://forms.gle/U44EdSzm45kRDHVu7 (Plus new subscribers get a $10 Tim Hortons gift card).