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Know your Enemy

To walk with Christ is to know that Satan will do everything he can to get you back. Pastor Miles reminds us about who Satan is and the signs of knowing what Satan is capable of.

Jesus cleanses the Temple

Jesus cleanses the temple; when you see Jesus upset it takes your breath away and wonder “Wow” Jesus cleanses the temple so that he can replace it with his own body.

Guatemala Service and Testimonies Part 1

The Guatemala mission team presents wonderful testimonies and stories about their time in the field. Listen to how they experienced God, seen prayer at work, and how God truly is working through all of us in his important field of missions around the world.  Part 1 of 2

God finds us first…

God finds us first…so that we can respond and follow Him.  Pastor Miles preaches about how the shepherd leaves the 99 to look for the 1 and from there the 1 will follow Him back; much so how God seeks us out in order to for us to respond and be embraced by God.